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Thursday, 19 September 2013

No Debutante - West End Girls

The summer holidays seem like a distant memory now but I have still have a few more summer personal style posts to go, I am definitely playing catch up! For anyone who wants to see what I am wearing right now you need to follow me on Instagram here   instagram.com/nodebutante

Today's photographs were taken on a late summer visit to my hometown Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, UK. It's a traditional seaside town and when I visit these days I visit as a holiday maker and we eat fish and chips, walk along the prom and my kids love the water park! I always meet one of my oldest friends Rachel (who now lives in London) with her family and we do the holiday thing with all of our five kids and they love it. 

I have chosen to wear a land girl style outfit in dungarees and scarf in my victory rolled hair. Rachel, like me, is not scared to dress the way she wants to and there is always lots of colour and prints and on this day she wore a fantastic bodycon dress and large sunglasses. I always love the way this girl dresses!! Along with myself and my friend Selena, Rachel will one day become a granny fashionista, I know I will not be alone in my mad old, colourful printed clashing world! Rachel, will definitely be the one in leopard print!! Rachel has more leopard print than me which I thought was impossible! 

Check out the photographs of what we wore and what the kids did!

Happy Days!!

Thanks for following xxxxxxxx

ND xx

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