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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Dr Hauschka Play of Light

This is my last post for Dr Hauschka for a while so it’s a bit of a double whammy.

Lipstick has been a no-no for me for many years, my lips are pretty thin and when I wear it I feel (possibly look) like a cross between a child trying lipstick on and an old granny painting bright lipstick on her non-existent lips. I have no confidence in even experimenting with it and (probably because I will only pay a minimal prices for a rubbish lipstick due to my knowing that it will only be used once or twice) when I have experimented I end up with it on my teeth and everything, I really am a kid or that dinner lady who always had lipstick on her teeth, remember her?

When I met up with the Dr Hauschka ladies they introduced me to lots of new and different lipsticks and to be honest I was terrified! I could handle the spa treatments, skincare products and nail varnishes but with lipstick I am out of my depth! In Conclusion to this I have decided to give the lipsticks a try and see what all the fuss is about, on this occasion I shall be trying out the latest and limited edition lipstick for Autumn/ winter 2013/14 Play of Light collection from Dr Hauschka.

I have been given one of the cool shades No 11 Astonishing Pink to try out, the Novum Lipsticks are sheer and glossy yet buildable so you can wear them as subtle glimpse of colour or build them up for a more vivid and dramatic look. I shall go for the subtle colour of one layer of lipstick on this occasion, being a lipstick novice and will attempt to build up the colour on future applications!

As with all Dr Hauschka products these new lipsticks not only enhance your looks but also actively care for your lips using medicinal herbs and fine argan oil to nourish your lips and I have to say this feels like the best lip balm ever!!  I have problems with lip balms and lipsticks that have caused irritation and dryness, I am allergic to loads of products and I am pleased to say, I do not appear to be allergic to any Dr Hauschka products so it’s a win win for me! My lips feel really soft and almost fuller which has confused me.  After taking a few photographs of myself wearing the lipstick I realise that the Astonishing Pink Lipstick matches my hair, I couldn’t have been given a better shade to try out, could I? Dr Hauschka promote that the new lipsticks colour will adapt to your individual skin tone and combine with the natural hue of your lips to create your own personal shade for you, which to me says anyone can wear any colour and I actually think this particular shade suits me! I like it that it is glossy and that you can build it up to a more vivid colour. 

Dr Hauschka also recommend wearing  the No 11 Astonishing Pink shade with black liquid liner for a more dramatic look, not one to shy away from a dramatic look,  I shall be wearing this look to work tomorrow. Watch this space!!

 For my second product review  I shall be using the Dr Hauschka  Rejuvenating Face Mask, which was used during my Dr Hauschka facial with the lovely Alex at the Dr Hauschka  flagship counter at Harvey Nichols, Bristol, see the review here http://no-debutante.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/my-dr-hauschka-facial-experience.html
On this occasion I shall be leaving the mask on overnight for a deep cleanse, this also seems a bit out of my comfort zone to leave a face mask on all night, so I will let you know how I get on! I shall cleanse and tone my face using the  Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream and Clarifying Toner which I have been using day and night and have been very happy with since my post on the products  - find the post here http://no-debutante.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/my-new-favourite-cleansing-routine.html 
 I shall apply the face mask by gently patting it onto the skin and will remove it with a warm damp cloth in the morning! Dr Hauschka only recommend using this product once or twice a week so I am not sure that you should use the Rejuvenating Face mask as an over night deep cleanser too often!
After applying the face mask I could feel the product on my face but it was not visible like a usual face mask. It has a lemon scent and feels quite refreshing and clean but moisturising, and it hasn't made my skin feel taught. I am happy to leave this product on over night.

 The result the following morning….My skin didn’t feel taught, in fact it felt pretty well moisturised and soft and was actually glowing, it felt great! After I had removed the product I applied the award winning Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and popped on the lip balm like Astonishing Pink Novum Lipstick and was ready to roll! 

I am becoming a  big Dr Hauschka fan, now go and get yours!!
Thanks for following.
ND xx

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