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Monday, 9 September 2013

No Debutante - RIP Bodycon

Hello Fashionistas! It's time for another personal style blog, I've had a busy week of settling back into doing school runs, attending the wedding of my favourite local illustrators Peskimo, check them out here http://www.peskimo.com and watching my mates band The Afterparty check them out here https://www.facebook.com/theafterpartyofficial. You have to plug creative friends!!

Today's outfits are quite different and I have very different opinions on both! I wore the first outfit on a day trip to Bristol Museum with my kids which included Egyptian mummy's tombs, Dinosaur bones and a lot of taxidermy, which makes for a curious day! Not one to dress down for any occasion I wore a Breton top, denim cut offs, frilly ankle socks and my Underground brothel creepers. I had a couple of days of wearing my fringe long, think it worked on the first day (worn with the headscarf) the whole of the second outfit wasn't doing it for me!
 The outfit in question included my sleeveless denim shirt, bodycon dress (worn underneath), sports socks and Dr Marten boots. I am loving the boots with the socks and the grunge element to the outfit, the problem on this particular day was the bodycon dress, I think I am just totally over bodycon, I have been wearing it for years, even when others were not wearing bodycon, I have been bodycon obsessed for a long time. Like the skinny jeans, I am completely over it now! I am glad this has happened it means I have comfortably moved onto a new look, I told you I am very fickle but I will wear a thing to death if I love it! The other problem was the dress kept on riding up and literally showing my pants, I had to wear my jacket round my waist on the work commute! RIP bodycon...


Even fashion obsessives have their off days and don't know what to wear!! Mine usually happen when I am in a hurry or if I am attending an event and have not considered what to wear before hand, my brain goes to mush and fashion errors are made!! 
Do I ever get up and not have a clue what to wear and just bung something on?? Never! Do you? If the answer is 'yes' I admire you but I would personally miss the challenge of putting an outfit together. 

Does anyone prefer the second outfit?? Answers on a postcard to ' No Debutante, I prefer the other one'.

Thanks for reading xx

ND xx

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