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Monday, 16 September 2013

No Debutante - G-Star Bristol

I met up with ladies wear specialist Carmen for the Dutch urban clothing label and raw denim specialists G-Star brand here in Bristol, a few weeks back, to have a chat and a look at the latest ladies wear collections in store. I am going to be doing a collaborations product post with G-star ladies to help promote the latest collections and to show you how I wear G-Star!

The one thing I noticed about G-star clothing is the attention to detail on pockets and trims, there are military influences that will always catch my attention since I am definitely a military and denim lover, what is not to like here?? The denim fabrics are tough but soft to wear and this makes a change from the flimsy denim fabrics used in other (nameless) high street stores that I have been accustomed to of late. Carmen took me on a shop tour and I wasted no time in getting some of these lovely products tried on for a quick in store photo shoot. I fell in love with the A-Crotch 3D loose tapered jeans, I spotted the shape and cut instantly and had to try them on. Carmen and the shop manager were insisting that I wore the jeans low on my hips, which I haven't done since I wore hipster jeans well over six years ago. I looked at it differently this time, as the A-Crotch jeans were tapered and not super skinny and this dismissed any ideas of a muffin top appearing!! I actually felt quite comfortable with the look and it was very different for me, which I like, I don't like to keep wearing the same styles for too long or to get stuck in a fashion rut, a change in style is good!! I paired the jeans with a couple of different sleeveless shirts chosen from the latest ranges ( a sleeveless shirt is a current favourite in my wardrobe at the moment) I wore the denim Tailor Custom sleeveless shirt with a knot detail and contrasting panels but my favourite was the Beach Rovic Palm sleeveless shirt with the all over khaki palm camouflage print, which I also tied in a knot - well it was still hot and sunny at the time, I'm sure I will be trying on jackets and knitwear when I go again in the near future!
I shall be styling the latest G-star collections up to show you how No Debutante wears G-Star and I shall attempt to wear those low slung A-crotch jeans 1950s pedal pusher style! Carmen would like to see how I would wear double denim and I would like to see how the G-Star staff would dress me, so lots going on which is very exciting! 

 I insisted on taking photographs of the G-Star staff who were dressed up in the latest G-Star ranges. 
To my surprise the girls were wearing items from the men's wear collections and to be honest, they looked really cool, with their low slung jeans, a real androgynous tomboy style, proper boyfiend jeans, they looked great! I especially loved the double denim outfit, it was very reminiscent of 1980s skinhead style with turned up jeans and a  denim jacket in the same hue worn with polished boots and accessorised with a 1990s style skater chain and a topknot, a real mash up style which is right up my fashion street! 
The whole look is available at G-Star as they produce everything from denim jeans to dresses and footwear and everything in between making their mark as high end, high street all rounders.

 For those of you in the Bristol area there is an event taking place at the G-Star Cabot 
Circus store in Bristol coming up in a couple of weeks, especially for all you lovely ladies out there who 
are interested in the brand and would like to know more.  
The G-star event is a women’s night promoting the A/W 2013 collections as well as the 
extensive premium denim range, anyone who would like to join Carmen and 
the G-Star Bristol team for an exclusive night with DJ’s, free hair, make-up and nail
treatments, drink and food to fill your belly and of course the chance to enjoy the 
great new products as much as they do and even get a free goody bag too!! Invite 
your friends along to the event. See the flyer below for more info!!! And if I see you 
there don’t forget to come and say hello! 

 Do let me know if you need any extra info on G-star and the Bristol event and check out the latest ranges from G-Star here https://www.g-star.com/en_uk/

Thanks for reading xx

More personal pics from No Debutante to follow!

ND xx

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