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Thursday, 5 September 2013

My new favourite cleansing routine using Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream and Clarifying Toner!

I was lucky enough to meet up with the ladies from Dr Hauschka recently who adorned me with lots of amazing products to try out and promote. I thought I would start with the Dr Hauschka goodie bag I received from the lovely Alex at the Harvey Nicholls flagship store, here in Bristol and then work my way through the products when I can.
I have chosen to try out the first products after a very busy day at work which continued into my home life so I needed some pampering! After battling with the usual kids’ bedtime mayhem, Phil went off to band practise leaving me to get started on the pampering.
All of the products that I am talking about today are new to me and I really must encourage myself and others out there to use your cosmetic products and gifts, I know lots of people that seem to save them for a special occasion?? This is total madness!! Let’s crack on and make good use of these products!
I have been using the Dr Hauschka Lemon Bath Oil every morning and evening for about a month now. I pop a few drops into warm water in my bathroom sink and using face cloth (or flannel as it’s commonly known in the UK!) I cleanse my skin by gently pressing the face cloth onto my face and the mix of the warm water and the lemon scent is really relaxing and smells amazing! Apparently I need to try the Lavender Bath Oil for night time but I shall await my next visit to the Dr Hauschka counter for more of these Bath Oil treats! Since using the Lemon Bath Oil, I have noticed my skin has  a bit of a glow to it and there are no dry patches on my skin at all! I found out that too much bath oil plus a night time moisturiser is too heavy and made my skin a bit oily but Dr Hauschka do recommend, to my surprise, that night time moisturisers prevent the skin from breathing, so I have held back on the amount of moisturiser used but couldn’t quite let it go altogether. Overall I love the Lemon Bath Oil as a product so far but I am interested to find out how my skin copes with the harsh British Winter and if the Dr Hauschka products can keep my dry skin and eczema at bay, only time will tell! I have just started using the award winning (People’s Hero list winner 2013) Rose Day Cream in the morning after cleansing with the Lemon Bath Oil, I love the smell of this product and it is a great moisturiser and is light but you can feel it working on your skin, I only have a sample of this product and want more already!!! 

Today I am trying out a new cleansing and toning regime using Dr Hauschka Cleansing Cream (number two in their People’s Hero list from 2013! Being pipped to the post by the Rose day Cream) You can use the Cleansing Cream both mornings and evenings and offers deep cleansing and is a gentle exfoliant, it contains herbal extracts that activate the skins natural cleansing and I shall be using the product alongside the Dr H Clarifying Toner as tonight’s skin care routine.
You need to remove your make up, I just used some warm water and the face cloth, I do not wear layers of make up so It is quite easy for me to remove but harsh scrubbing is not recommended! You cannot use the Cleanser and Toner on your eyes so you can remove any eye make the usual way. Can I just say having your hair up in a high victory roll is perfect for face cleansing and watch out, you are about to see a photograph of me with no make-up! Sorry!
I dabbed half an inch of the Cleansing Cream, which has the appearance of a facial scrub but there shall be no scrubbing here, onto damp skin and I gently patted the product onto the skin, it has a fresh feeling to it and I could feel my skin getting a little taught so added a drop more water. I worked this into the skin and then removed it with warm water by hand and as recommended I splashed cool water onto my face which was really refreshing.  My face is now feeling a little polished and cleansed so I complete the process using the Dr Haushcka Clarifying Toner, there is a mild scent of witch hazel that reminds me of being a little kid, in a good way, the toner helps to remove the appearance of oily skin, blemishes and open pores and is again very refreshing, my skin feels really clean!!  I dabbed the toner onto my dewy skin using a few drops until I felt the product was evenly spread out and I have not added a moisturiser,  which is alien to me! I’m not sure how my skin can cope without extra moisture but I shall do as Dr Hauschka do and see how my skin feels and looks in the morning! I am going to continue to use this product for a week or so (or until my samples run out) there may be a conclusion post in the near future, so watch this space! 

The Conclusion
Although I was a bit concerned about the no moisturiser thing, my skin felt soft and not taught or sore like I was expecting the following morning and I used the same products again followed by the Rose Day Cream. My skin felt fresh, cleansed and I could even smell the Rose Cream and Witch hazel on my skin when I was on the bus for the morning commute to work which was very pleasant! Shall I be using the product again? Yes, tonight, I am actually looking forward to using it again, which confuses me, I don't usually look forward to removing my make up! 

I shall be attempting to write a product post once a week but in the meantime why don’t you get yourselves down to your nearest Dr Hauschka counter and get yourself a facial?? Remember for UK customers you can get yourself a facial for £25 which is redeemable against any products you buy, so if like me, you get a liking for Dr Haushcka products, when you pop in to buy your much needed product you might get a free facial out of it! That is what I shall be doing when I go and get my wish list Lavender Bath Oil!! Free facial? Yes please!

Thanks for following me and for all your lovely comments! The next post shall be a much needed catch up with my personal style pics, followed by a post on the first of my  Autumn Winter 2013/14 favourite collections, I am finally going to allow Autumn to arrive but only in the name of fashion!! 
ND xx

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