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Monday, 23 September 2013

No Debutante - Last days of Summer

I had to get to the end of August with these personal style posts and I am finally there, even though it's nearly October....ahem! 

For the last weekend of the holidays we took a last minute trip to Dawlish in the UK for a few nights of camping, well let's say Glamping, we even had an electric hook up this time, but staying true to the old camping style of cooking off of a small gas stove and listening to the radio, we only ended up using the electric hook up to plug in our phones and use a small lamp, everything else was pure living in a tent with no mod-cons heaven. The weather was amazing, hot and sunny, which makes camping go so much easier, although I have to admit I do get a bit excited if it starts to rain, I love being in the tent when it's raining outside.......for about an hour......... and then I want the sun to come back.

You can only imagine how much stuff we took camping and the amount of clothes I had packed for myself and the kids, I mean, you have to pack for all weather conditions, don't you? Let's say we probably only wore half of it (at the most) I blame the sunny weather.......

The day we left for camping I had been to work and didn't want the hassle of changing so I thought a pair of dungarees would do the trick and good ol' Converse Allstars. I was dressed up Land Girl style and was ready to put me a tent up and spend a few nights in the great outdoors! I hadn't planned on putting a tent up in the dark but alas this is what happened! As some of you may know when I briefly mentioned it a few weeks ago this camping holiday didn't run smoothly (does it ever?) but I am not going to go into all that again, so let's look at the photographs through rose tinted glasses and enjoy what I wore on my perfect, end of the holidays, camping holiday. 

The second day, was sunny and hot and all I needed was my floral Topshop playsuit and some flip flops and popped my hair in a topknot and I was ready for more camping fun! This involved, swimming in a freezing cold out outdoor pool and generally living my day to day, kid filled life of chaos but in a tent.' I am still having fun' she says, the fixed smile beginning to fade! 

Day three and it's still sunny, it's time for another Topshop favourite the peephole skater dress and flip flops, I love little Sylvie trying to be like Mummy in the last photograph, she loves to copy and is so cute! On this day we played in an adventure playground in the woods, visited a graveyard, we love a graveyard, I know, it's a bit dark for this glorious British camping holiday, we didn't go looking for it, we just found it! Great weather for summer desses and flip flops though.....hang on, the dunagrees were from Topshop too, Topshop wanna start sponsoring me for all my hard work in wearing all their lovely clothes that I can't stop buying!

I miss you already summer, don't leave! 

I realise I have loads of images on Instagram of what my kids have been up to this summer, I had lots of images from the camping trip alone so I will follow this post with an Instagram catch up before we go back to more of my current fashion obsessions!

Thanks for following! I nearly have 90 Google + followers which I am very excited about! I really appreciate it and work hard on my blog so it is great that people are interested in what I wear and have to say xx

ND xx

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