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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Saint Laurent AW 2013 - Smells Like Teen Spirit

I was hoping to spend one last weekend wearing summer clothes and flip-flops since there was a rumour that the sun was going to pay us one last visit here in the UK, instead the rain decided to pay us a visit and brought along it’s friend the cold and that was the end of the summer! 

To celebrate let’s have a look at one of my favourite collections from the Autumn Winter shows which on this occasion is the unlikely candidate for No Debutante - Saint Laurent.  It must be Hedi Slimane that has turned my head and made me take notice of this very young, grunge inspired, Saint Laurent collection with it’s oversized plaid shirts worn over cute Peter Pan collared dresses, 1990s inspired ditsy floral slip dresses worn with furs, duffle coats, oversized cardigans, denim, fishnet tights and biker boots.  It’s grunge, punk and rock, it’s all my favourites!!!

 I am looking forward to putting this look together wearing my existing wardrobe and adding  new pieces to it to covet the look. Who doesn't already own a cute little dress or an oversized cardigan? Most women I know own a fur coat too and some biker boots or a pair of Dr Martens. Just add a plaid shirt or a denim jacket worn over your dress with some sheer tights and you're there. I already have a duffle coat but I am looking out for a slip dress or mini tu-tu style skirt and those strappy studded boots do look good.......Do I really need more boots? Well, of course I do! 

I saw the Zara window display (below) on my way to work and knowing I was about to write this post I had to get a photograph and show you how this look has been coveted on the high street. I think Zara have pretty much hit the nail on the head here. Well done Zara!

All images (except the Zara image above) courtesy of vogue.co.uk

More of my favourites from the Autumn Winter collections will follow over the next few weeks, expect a personal style post with a difference for my next post.

ND xx

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