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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

No Debutante - Doll Face

Today's outfits are very different. 
I love mixing up prints and in the first outfit I haven't held back with my vintage Americana
print top, ditsy floral skater skirt and leopard print Converse, topped off with a camouflage jacket. Since my hair has been getting longer I have been attempting different ways to put my hair up. I am happy with my victory rolls and headscarf looks but I like to add braids into the mix these days for a bit of texture, it's very grunge influenced and I haven't really worn braids since the 1990s. Today's braids are really random, I don't take too much time doing them which suits the cute, grunge look and despite the lack of effort, is quite pleasing. 
On this day we went as a family to Dean lane skate park in Bristol for a skate event. I've added a couple of other photographs from the day so you can see what a stylish bunch my family are, rockin' it in a rockabilly /skate /skinhead style. Check out Naomi, she was nearly half way through her pregnancy here and you can barely tell! I love the photograph of Sylvie walking away from the skater boys (her brothers and friend) so cute!

Carrying on the family theme, I had a little guest join me in the photographs for the second outfit. Sometimes little Sylvie just likes to join in! The outfit is one of my vintage style rockabilly looks with a Breton tee, Vivien of Holloway vintage cut jeans and red accents.

 Sylvie's dresses are from Boden and H&M with boots from Converse.

Which is your favourite look? 

Thanks for following and I shall be back very soon with some more fashion fun!!

ND xx

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