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Monday, 15 April 2013

No Debutante - Ten Storey Love Song

The first night out from my double-whammy weekend was to attend the very lovely tenth wedding anniversary of our friends Mikee and Yva at a rather grand wine and champagne bar & restaurant named Goldbrick House in Bristol. I have been there before for my friend Rudi's wedding so I knew it was a dress up event! Phil pointed out that the staff were very keen to help (he was lugging decks about that were being borrowed for the night -for once we had managed to not DJ or have Phil's band The Relay Rips playing, it was just a night out, which is a rarity for us ) anyway back to the staff, they actually carried all the equipment for him and kept calling him 'Sir' which for us is a rare treat, we are used to turning up at a venue where we are playing in the room upstairs and have to lug all equipment ourselves. I have been known to complain about this, you try lugging heavy record boxes and decks about in heels!! I even did it when I was pregnant! Rock'n'Roll!
We had a great night getting spoilt and dressing smart.


Who'd have thought it, a Primark dress at a posh place??
Styling by No Debutante
All clothing from Primark, Office shoes, Topshop, Tatty Devine and Accessorise
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