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Monday, 15 April 2013

No Debutante - Working 9 to 5

I have to apologise for my total lack of blogging over the last few days things have been really busy at work, at home ( a new kitchen is on the horizon) and socially. Yes, this busy Mum of three was out Friday and Saturday night and I am now paying for it with a two day hangover and some drunken regrets. The good news is I have a back log of personal style images to show so I need to get on with it and apparently, despite the rumours going around the bloggers currently nominated for the Company Style Bloggers Awards, there is still time to vote for your favourite blogs. So, here comes the quick plug for you to nominate me as the Best Personal Style blogger follow this link http://www.company.co.uk/magazine-hq/stylebloggerawards2013
 A great, big, massive thank-you to anyone who has already nominated me!!! It means a lot!
Here come a couple of outfits that I had worn to work last week. You will notice a lack of office attire since I do not appear to own any and have a serious problem with being told what to wear, instead I went for a bit of sportsluxe grunge layering, comfort is key! I also managed to be a tiny bit hungover (god, I sound like a right lush this week!) on Friday morning and ended up on the wrong bus with a brief day trip around Bristol before finally getting to work only 8 minutes late??? My boss Becky told me I should get on the wrong bus everyday.

All clothing from H&M, Topshop, Tatty Devine and Dr Martens. Styling by No Debutante.
I shall look forward to showing you my next blog post when I shall look somewhat more glamorous on the first night of my double-whammy weekend out.
Thanks for reading. ND xx

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