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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

No Debutante - Get Shirty

My Wednesdays at work have become more challenging with a constant weekly deadline looming over press days and planning sheets, it's changed my day of slowly easing back into work each week  (I work weds-Fri) to a full on, get thrown into the deep end first day back at work! To make things that little bit harder, the baby woke us up at 5.55am and my bloody phone company charged me £10 for listening to one track on Spotify?? What the??
Here's a quick look at what I have been wearing over the past few days, the denim shirt was a favourite. This is how I wear mine with a little help from Sylvie Belle. 

Sleeveless or long sleeves, denim shirts are one of my new favourite things to wear! Dr Martens and wearing my hair down were popular too it seems and another shock horror story I actually considered buying an iron (we don't iron anything, my mother in law claims she saw me ironing some flyers for my club night Bang once, sounds about right!) So, yeah, since I have been wearing shirts a lot lately and lots of Sylvie's dresses seem to need ironing, I was actually considering the iron option. Or get my Mum to do it for me! Do I look like I'm kidding??......Muuuuum?
All clothing from Primark, Topshop, H&M and Dr Martens
All styling by No Debutante
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ND xx

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