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Monday, 22 April 2013

No Debutante - Who Loves The Sun

I found out yesterday evening that I, unfortunately, did not make it to the shortlist for the Company Style Bloggers Awards 2013, I am, of course, a bit gutted but I'm glad I entered and would like to thank everyone who nominated me, I really appreciate it. There were ten blogs selected out of possible hundreds even thousands of blogs ( I have no idea how many blogs were nominated) for each category and you never know, I could have been number 11 on the Best Personal Style Blog list and just missed out??  There is no point in feeling bad about losing out even though it would have been brilliant for me to get shortlisted, I won't over analyse it. I love blogging too much to just give up, it is like a diary for me now, well, a diary that other people are welcome to read! Congratulations to all the bloggers (some of whom I follow) that did make the shortlist and good luck in reaching the finals!
So, that's enough of all this Style Awards malarkey, let's get back to me and what I've been wearing! The sun actually came out this weekend and we had a picnic in the park.

This week has seen the return of the crop top for me, I wear mine with high waisted bottoms or layered over a vest. They are easier to wear than you think, despite the return of 1990s style I am not recommending low cut jeans with crop tops (or low cut jeans at all come to think of it!).
Converse and ankle socks is a preferred look for me at the moment too, it's childlike and preppy, so very much my syle. 
I am also really getting used to wearing my maxi skirt, I like to wear mine with a vest or crop top and reckon it would look great with my Ridiculous shoes (rainbow platform creeper boots for those who haven't yet met my ridiculous shoes!) especially on a hot summer evening! Come on Summer!
All styling by No Debutante
Thanks for reading!
ND xx

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