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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

No Debutante - Animal Nitrate

I have a new phone, it's just an android phone but does pretty much everything I require it to do with a much less sensitive touch screen (my last phone would try and open every link just by looking at it!!) and with its bigger screen and better apps I can now use Pinterest, Instagram, check out blogs and take much better photographs, which is great for my blogging requirements. I am a late comer to Instagram and so far have uploaded one image, but I am loving it already, the next step is Twitter and then I am all set for widening my blogging audience and generally moving this self confessed technology doofus further into the 21st century! It's an exciting time!
Here's today's personal style outfit on this sunny school run, cafe with friends and spending time with little Sylvie kinda day.......

Leopard print. I definitely have a problem with it, I thought I was over it but clearly, I am not and now I have little Sylvie who already has a few leopard print items herself, a day doesn't seem to go by when one of us isn't wearing it.
My Name is No Debutante and I am a leopard print addict.
ND xx


  1. Love Your trainers ! Have a nice evening sweetie

    1. Thank you! I loved your blog, so much colour and loads of accessories, wanna follow each other?? xx

  2. Thank you Milex. I just checked out your blog and had to follow you! Follow me back xx


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