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Saturday, 6 April 2013

No Debutante - Pretend That We're Dead

I am very happy today since finding out that my blog had its largest amount of hits in a day ever yesterday, this is really encouraging for me as a blogger who appears to have more people following me on Facebook and Pinterest rather than through the usual google or Bloglovin'. This isn't a gestimate, it's just what the stats tell me and also I get so many Facebook friends who comment to me personally about my blog (and on Facebook) rather than messages on my blog itself. This is great for me as a blogger but sadly it doesn't look so great on the blog and doesn't rate me so highly in any Fashion blogger stats. This used to get me down a bit but, to be honest, I now know that people are following me and that Facebook and Pinterest have been the most help for me to get my blog noticed. This has also got me thinking that I  need to create a No Debutante Facebook page and start a Twitter account, this has been of no interest to me until now, I'm quite excited!
One last thing that has been on my mind is the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 (quick plug -nominate me here http://www.company.co.uk/magazine-hq/stylebloggerawards2013 for the Best Personal Style Blog) I would love to win this and get some recognition but I have no idea how it is judged, I am hoping it is by content and not by how many visible followers you have. There are so many blogs nominated that they will need to whittle them down to a shortlist in a small amount of time, which means not much research into each blog! Of course, I am still confident I can get noticed and I am intrigued to see who gets on the shortlist! Impatient? Me?
So here's something a bit different from me in the personal style area, after complaining about my hair looking weird down I have actually been wearing it down for the past couple of days. I was inspired to perhaps go a bit grunge/1990s and pop a couple of hairgrips in centre parted hair. I was not sure whether to show these images or not as I pretty much got dressed and hair and make-up done in about 5 minutes (busy life of a mum of three init) took the photographs and left the house - a trip to the cinema to see The Croods with the boys on this occasion - so not too much thought went into the look! I have ended up looking a bit grungy, a bit Tim Minchin, a bit Ginger Spice and a bit me during the 1990s but I think there is a cool grungy look in there somewhere so let's go with it.

Hair down or up? I know these last minute images are not doing my hair worn down the greatest justice so perhaps I'll spend more time on some other photographs over the next week to try to sell it to you, well, me.......
ND xx

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