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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

No Debutante - Army Of Me

I joined Google + yesterday as part of my attempt to get more traffic to my blog, I currently only use Facebook and Pinterest which serve me well, I just need to get my blog out there even more! I am not trying to make a career out of blogging (although the opportunity would be amazing!!) I just want more followers and some recognition for my noncommercial fashion and styling ideas and inspirations. As much as I love Pinterest I really am very fussy about the fashion images that I repin, you see a lot of the same thing on Pinterest and that does not interest me, it's all too safe and let's say, wholesome, if it has been repinned a hundred times, I'm not interested. Not too be pretentious about these fashion images but they just do not inspire me, why do I want to look like everyone else? That's what everyone says I guess but, like sheep, they still repin that image!
So, what's next? Twitter, I guess, followed by Instagram, which would be a great way for me to instantly show my daily personal style pics. Blogging is so time consuming but I love it!

 Today's personal style images where taken on the mornings school runs thus far. Looks like I'm loving that Primark Khaki jacket and the Converse are still with me and I love layering it up!

If you're thinking I'm looking a little tired in these photographs you can blame
my 16 month old Sylvie Belle who has been getting us up at 6am since the clocks went forward, I worked out I've lost 7 Hours sleep in a week, That's nearly a nights sleep for me!! I am also useless at choosing what to wear when I'm tired so I am pleasantly surprised that I am looking, style wise, OK in these photographs.

I feel a style icon / inspirational post coming on, enough of me and my tired face!

ND xx

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