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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

No Debutante - I got 24 Hours to go....Make me over!

So I have heard on the bloggers grapevine that there are less than 24 hours to go until the Company Style Bloggers Awards close for nominations, so anybody who would like to nominate my blog in the Best Personal Style Blog catagory should do so asap!!! A massive thank you to everyone who has nominated for me, so many of you have let me know that you have done so and it is very encouraging for me as a blogger and I am so grateful, any last minute stragglers can vote for me here www.company.co.uk/stylebloggerawards2013
I've not given this post a theme as such although my old favourite H&M bodycon dress has been making an appearance this week and there is definitely a monochrome theme in there too. I have a special treat at the end of this post for one of my blog followers who may or may not be happy with being featured on my blog but I know she was happy on the day!

What I did to Dawn!
Let's set the scene here, one afternoon just before school pick up, I popped round my friend Dawn's and decided to give her a quick make-over. Dawn is very particular about her appearance always has a great vintage style dress on, never wears trousers or jeans (honest!) and always wears her long straight black hair down. So using what can only be described as Barbies tiny comb and hairbrush (Dawns kids) and some hair grips I quickly backcombed and styled Dawns hair up into a quiff with 1940s style twists at the sides. I wasn't allowed to make it too big or too different.....Dawn was unsure, but I had laced her hair with hairspray so there was no escaping the new hair and with no time to brush it out she had to wear it up on the school run! I only remember 'No, it's too different!' before we left but after many compliments (and my encouragement) I think I heard the words 'I love it'. I think you could call that a success??  Dawn has even agreed to let me pin up the back next time and perhaps add some victory rolls! The challenge after that will be getting Dawn wearing trousers, really, this is a massive challenge!! I don't think I'll ever grow out of make-overs!!  Thank you Dawn! Who's next?
All styling and photographs by No Debutante.
ND xx

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