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Sunday, 21 April 2013

No Debutante - Band T-shirts and a Night Out

After successfully getting on the correct bus to work this Friday morning and feeling rather pleased with myself that I had got the kids to school and nursery on time and even managed to put Sylvie's hair up and style Mika's hair for him (he is getting very particular about his hair these days, I don't know where he gets it from..) to then realising that I had clearly not put on any make up!! This is a crisis for me since my make up hides how tired I really look and I also have fair eyelashes which without my faithful Max Factor Fat Lashes smothered on them frankly make my eyes look even smaller! I panicked and had no make up on me since swapping my bags and contents over when I went out last weekend, I walked into the office with my sunglasses on and luckily borrowed some make up from my work buddy Cath! Phew! Trauma over!
On Friday evening I caught up with my work buddy Rudi for drinks, we drank rum and put the world to rights and ended the night in a chip shop (don't judge, we were hungry!!) rather than a night club - Rock n Roll!! As always it is a pleasure hanging out with the lovely Rudi.

Casual work outfit - Blondie t-shirt borrowed from my husband Phil

 Friday night outfit and another band t-shirt

 Ridiculous rainbow shoes and turned up leopard print leggings

Rudi rocks it in denim hot pants and a faux fur
All styling (except Rudi) and photography by No Debutante
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Thanks kids. ND xx

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