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Thursday, 4 April 2013

No Debutante - Let's Get Physical

Why the hell was it snowing again today?? I had worn my very thin and not so warm denim jacket to work this morning after I had been tricked by the past couple of days warmer weather that spring had actually arrived!! I'm still cold now!
This post was influenced by my liking for sportswear, It's a fine line to tread to wear sports wear, the right way, without looking a bit, well, y'know, chavvy! I do like a sweatshirt or an over sized t-shirt accessorised up with a pair of American Apparel tube socks and some Converse. It's my thing and I reckon I'm getting away with it!
Now it has come up in conversation lately with work colleagues who are 10 years (and the rest, ahem) younger than me that Converse are the more favoured sports shoe for people in their 30s (and the rest) where as Vans seem to be the shoe of choice for anyone born after 1988. I hadn't really considered it but looking around (and a lot of guessing of peoples ages) I think this is correct. However, we cannot include skaters and original Vans lovers in these findings, my husband Phil for one, is definitely more of a Vans man these days and I really, definitely, am a Converse Girl! Converse are for the old? What do you think, do you agree? Will I still be wearing them in my 90s? I hope so!

Black and Denim

Oh look, I gotta new hair scarf!
These outfits were also inspired by a new magazine I have discovered called TLG (Through The looking Glass). It's a Woman's Street Culture Magazine and the current issue Spring 2013 covers so many different styles and cultures including female graffiti artists, producers, promoters, skaters, models including Agyness Deyn, fashion designers, DJs, artists, Fashion stylist Soki Mak and Mod girls.
There are also a couple of fashion stories in there that I really like which featured the, unknown to me, brands Made Me and WIA. Whom I shall be checking out and hopefully blogging about very soon, the same goes for TLG Magazine!
Hey! Did I mention the Company Style Blogger Awards? Best Personal Style Blog Catagory? http://www.company.co.uk/magazine-hq/stylebloggerawards2013
Thank you!
ND xx

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