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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

No Debutante - 5 Feet 9 And Rising

 I'm very excited about the package I received in the post today, it contained a pair of ridiculously wonderful platform wedge baseball boots!! Not only do these wedgetastic lovelies have a multi colour striped wedge but they also only cost me £20 in the Office Sale! I understand that it takes a certain type of person to wear these wedges but I can't believe how cheap they are and how nobody else wants them. I bloody love' em! Some of you may have noticed that I do already own a similar pair of wedge baseball boots, but these are a little different with a straight creeper style wedge rather than a heel wedge and that's a good enough excuse for me to get a second pair. I haven't worn these new lovelies out and about yet but around the house they feel more comfortable and I don't feel like I'm going to topple over in these ones!
These boots are also a blatant copy of the rainbow wedge boots from the Ashish AW12 collection which is probably why I have obsessed over them for about a month until I finally caved and bought them (the rip offs not the Ashish boots - I wish!) why I had to ponder over it for so long I don't know, they were such a bargain! I wish I had had the time to blog the Ashish AW12 collection, it really was a goodun, I shall be happy that I got to use one of the images from the collection today.
Let's also notice at this point that I am still wearing my hair down and I am actually getting used to it! Who'd have thought it?

Oh yeah, blatant copy - thank goodness for those copies or I wouldn't have my lovely rainbow wedge boots!
 I really love my new ridiculous rainbow wedges and they make me real tall!!
All images and styling by No Debutante except for the final image of the Ashish AW2012 collection from the very talented Kris Atomic http://blog.krisatomic.com/ 
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 ND xx


  1. done!
    i want and i neeeed those rainbow shoes but they didn't have any in a 4! so I bought the graffiti ones instead!
    thank you!
    i'm 5'2" and need all the height i can get!
    cheers. x

  2. Thanks Kooky Carly! The grafitti ones are great too, i promise you wont be disapointed when you recieve them and you'll be about 5'6" tall! I love it that you are friends with my one of my oldest friends Rachel and I hope to be visiting her and wearing them around Enfield too! Have fun and great photographs on your blog, I love the vintage hair styles! If you are ever down this way in Bristol you are welcome to come to my club night Bang and take photographs, there are always interesting people there! Love your new ridiculous shoes!!
    ND xx


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