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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

No Debutante - Let's Go To The Hop!

Morning! I am feeling a little bit more alive than I was feeling yesterday and have decided to wear some bright colours and prints to make myself appear a little more awake! Inspired by a rockabilly image sourced on Pinterest, I put this 1950s Rockabilly style outfit together for the morning school run and was rather happy with the way it looked, I even got the wide headscarf look working on my small head which is a fashion result for me! 

I am still swinging between my grungy/punk style, dungaree obsessions and my rockabilly 1950s looks. I am wondering whether I should really just stick to one look, but where's the fun in that?? I'm intrigued to know what on earth I shall be wearing next year, whether I will have totally embraced one of my main styles or maybe I shall have a totally new look altogether. When I first started my blog I was just coming out of an edgy, 80s punk phase with my undercut hairstyles and an obsession for bodycon and then I had a baby which pretty much throws you off your current style as you are still trying to pull it off but with a massive belly and a swollen face, it's not the best look!! I love it that fashion is so fickle, it suits me, just fine!

Hopefully, the next blog post should be about another one of my favourite bloggers with great style. It can't always be about me!

Thanks for reading.


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