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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

No Debutante - We're gonna party like it's your Birthday

It's my birthday today! Now I'm really, really nearly really old, it's official and I couldn't care less. The postman just delivered me a load of birthday cards and I was excited because I rarely receive anything in the post these days!! A letter for me? Yey!! I am not really one of those people who creates a Facebook event every year for their birthday, despite constantly posting photographs of myself on (many) social networking sites, I seem to feel a bit weird about throwing a party for myself. I am very happy with the cards from my kids, family and friends, facebook and text birthday messages and my friend Dawn shouting 'Happy Birthday' to me on the school run today. As much as I would like to spend the day at a spa, followed by drinks with all my friends and lots of good food then a trip to Japan, I shall just be contented with drinks and a lovely meal with my gorgeous husband Phil. 

Ok, so back to the personal style pics.....Let's have a look at what I have been wearing lately. We shall start with today's cute birthday outfit, followed by yesterdays tough'n' trashy school run outfit and a glimpse at half of  last Fridays outfit. We were rushing about so much, there wasn't any chance to stop and pose for photographs. These are then followed, I'm almost embarrassed to say, by more winning outfits from WIWT!! Who, am I kidding? I love it that I keep winning!! I never win anything usually!!

 The winning Editors choice WIWT photographs! Yey!!
Thank-you WIWT, I love you!!

Can you imagine the fuss if the wedding outfit hadn't won??

It's my birthday, let's crack open the champagne!!!!! 
Have a good day and thanks so much for following me!!!!

ND xx

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