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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bloggers I Love - Mind The Mustard

Today's 'Blogger I Love' is known as Mind The Mustard and I was introduced to this blogger through another blogger that I follow, I know nothing else about her except that she is an extremely talented stylist/ model who can make any charity shop find / retro item look amazing. Using her unique gift for styling she photographs herself and then sells the garments from her blog/online shop. Mind The Mustard has an individual, edgy look and styles up her outfits creating endless looks, which I find really inspiring, she gives these found thrift items a new life and even shows you how to dress the same outfit in different ways, is there no end to this girls talents??

 Mind The Mustard is an online shop where you can purchase any of the items shown at pretty reasonable prices, from what I can work out, Mind The Mustard sources thrift and retro pieces, styles them up and sells them on, it's a fantastic idea and reminds me of my little customising website from the early 2000s-before I had kids, had more time...........

I am loving the grunge layering, the oversized shapes, crop tops and high waisted skirts and trousers, oversized jeans and shorts, grunge inspired florals and checked shirts, lots of denim and of course the Dr Martins!!  Who am I kidding? I love it all. Check out the white button up dress worn undone to reveal those massive culottes, I probably wouldn't wear it, well, not in white, but I love the styling and the imagery. Mind The Mustard, I love your style!!

I agree this look isn't for everyone but you need to look past Mind The Mustard's actual style and to get inspired by her ideas and start wearing maxi dresses layered over trousers and shorts, open up button down dresses and wear them as grunge inspired long shirts or mix tough denim and Dr Martins with girlie floral prints for a real grunge look. Let oversized shapes into your life and mix and match your outfits!! There is more going on in your own wardrobe than you have realised. Get inspired!!

I seriously could have gone on collecting images from the Mind The Mustard blog shop for hours but I decided to stop and just do another post on her in  the future. If you like what you see check out Mind The Mustard here  http://www.mindthemustard.com/ !! Thanks to Mind The Mustard for the images and inspiration and  to Aminta (the happiest blogger ever and a likely candidate for a 'Bloggers I love' future post) for the introduction to this new queen of grunge and for the last two Mind The Mustard images via Aminta's blog www.amintaonline.com
More of my personal style coming up very soon and I shall hopefully get inspired and show you how I wear it Mind The Mustard style!
Thanks for reading, following and just being there!
ND xx

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