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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

No Debutante - Dress you up

Another day, another wedding to buy a new dress for, ain't life hard?? It would be simpler if I hadn't gotten myself into a competition with my dear friend and fellow blogger Selena from Dilly Foxtrot Investigates, to see who could wear the best outfit creation (without out-doing the bride for attention) using a only dress, many accessories and outrageous hair, this is war and I intend to win but, I am up against a very stylish lady so anything could happen! I think I have found the dress (I shall not be revealing where from just yet) and I have the shoes from Topshop worn at Dawn's wedding only a few weeks ago. Why can't I wear the same dress you ask? Don't be ridiculous, I cannot think of any better excuse than to buy a new dress and wear it to a wedding!! You can never have too many dresses and remember I always re-wear my dresses dressed down as day wear or up for the evening, so it is never a waste of money for this dress hoarder!! 

What have I been wearing the past couple of days then? Well it looks like it's all about short dresses and denim worn with boyish creepers and Docs and quiffed up rockabilly hair. I have been taking my own photographs again recently, ever since my lovely husband Phil bought me an iphone tripod for my birthday, I use it every day and now I don't have to pester Phil and my kids to take my photographs for me, which makes things less stressful and rushed!! The denim pinafore is proof of my hoarding (as some of you may know) I bought this pinafore at festival about 20 years ago!! It's vintage 1990s - and it was vintage then so I reckon it is probably from the 1970s , not bad eh?

 Catch more of what I have been wearing tomorrow, I am also continuously planning my holiday wardrobe, so perhaps a future post on that? Hmmm, what to wear??

Thank you for reading and hello to my new followers!

ND xx

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