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Monday, 3 June 2013

No Debutante - In a west end town in Denim World

My denim week continues and I am very happy that the weather is now warm enough for me to wear my dungarees without a massive cardigan or loads of layers thrown over the top. My rockabilly 1950s hair is getting bigger and more out of control and I can't wait to get it pinked up again for Phil's sister Dawn's wedding on Saturday!! I am also looking forward to wearing the new Zara dress and still need to find some shoes, maybe some earrings, a necklace, a bag! Little Sylvie still needs some shoes too and time is running out!! More shopping, you say? Oh, go on then!

Here are my outfits from the weekend which I mostly spent in our very warm and sunny garden (yes, the tights and creepers did have to come off as it got hotter). I also went out last night for a family trip to see Elvis Costello (who is so cool and rocked it) so you shall have to wait until next time to see what I wore. My parents had bought me and my brother Mike tickets as surprise birthday presents (it's my birthday next week!! Yey! I'm nearly, really old!!) We go and watch old bands together that are family favourites and these bands were generally the soundtrack to my childhood, where in my head, it was always summer! I hope my kids have the same memories!

I have been posting personal style pics everyday for a month on Instagram, check them out and follow me here http://instagram.com/nodebutante#  I also have fashion stills and photographs of my kids on there so I am planning a post of all my favourite Instagram photographs from the past month (mostly the ones without me in), I'm sure this will take me some time but watch this space!!  

Thanks for reading, following or just checking out my blog, I am so happy that you are interested in what I have to share!! Especially all you facebook followers who silently follow me through Facebook and then I bump into you and you tell me you always read my blog and I had no idea you did!! You make me right happy!! Yey!! 

ND xx

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