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Monday, 17 June 2013

No Debutante - Sick Sick Sick

I have been feeling unwell again and have been zapped of energy.....but nothing stops this girl from blogging for too long!! This really is a short little post, but I just had to show you my fashion moments from the past few days, I couldn't resist it. I always feel guilty about just resting up, even if I'm ill, I still see it as time wasting! It is no wonder I am often ill, is it?? 

Today's photographs start with me taking photos of my forward rolling victory roll on my way to work on Friday, I have no evidence of my actual outfit, I seriously did not have the time and was not feeling too good either, I was, however, rather pleased with the forward victory roll so had to get some quick evidence of it, so yes, I am that person on the bus, taking pictures of herself......It's all for fashion daaaaarrrrllllliiiiinnng!
Next comes a quick snap of me at the zoo over the weekend, I went to write a review for work, perhaps if I have the time (and more energy) I can do a post on the family zoo visit as we got loads of cool photographs, alas, not today. Check out my zoo outfit, more festival, grunge than zoo with the kids, I did get a few stares, of course, I'd expect nothing less!
 Lastly comes today's personal style pics. I went for mix prints and Sylvie joined in with a bit of leopard print, again there were not many photographs to choose from since I look real tired and a bit ill in most of them! I hope you can appreciate that even when I am rushed off my feet or poorly I still manage to make the effort, in the name of fashion!!

I just thought I'd let you know that whilst I am writing this post and feeling poorly, I am also ordering my online weekly groceries shop, don't tell this mother and sista fashionista that she cannot multi-task! 

Thanks for reading fashion lovers, I shall hopefully be back and blogging very soon....Tomorrow, if I have my way!

ND xx

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