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Friday, 28 June 2013

No Debutante - Glasto Envy?

I'm sat at home watching Glastonbury on the TV, although I am not really that bothered about going, I don't like to think that I am missing out, I do this to myself every year, to be honest, I think I am actually quite happy watching it on TV! It will also pain anyone who isn't from the UK and would actually like to go to Glastonbury, to know that my hometown Bristol is less than an hour away from Glastonbury festival, how lazy am I?? I also get a romantic idea about taking my three kids along for the Glastonbury experience, to watch bands and run about like Ferrell children but the chaotic reality of this really isn't worth thinking about! 

Not to be outdone by festival outfits, I dressed up rockabilly style with my Topshop Hawaii print peephole dress, denim waistcoat, creepers and flowers in my hair. I did wear tights today and it was boiling hot, bloody typical! 

I may not blog tomorrow due to having to take seven little boys to the cinema for Lucian's birthday. I did consider not dressing up too weird so I did't embarrass the kids on this birthday outing but where's the fun in that?? Find out what I wore very soon!

Thanks for reading.

ND xx

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