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Sunday, 23 June 2013

No Debutante - Yeah! Crop Tops!

I have been real busy over the weekend planning and then holding a 40th wedding anniversary get together at my house, for my parents, who recently hit this massive milestone, which is a rarity these days. A massive congratulations to them for sticking together all of these years!! Lots of love and hugs!!! We had a great time at the (very windy - bloody weather) BBQ and then hid away inside the house listening to music, drinking lots of wine and champagne which was followed by Karaoke and playing the Michael Jackson dancing game on the Wii, which got quite competitive if I'm honest!

Since my last post was on another blogger I now have a back log of what I wore, personal style images. I am going to attempt to do a couple of looks a day until we catch up with my latest outfits. The outfits I am showing today are from my working days Wednesday and Thursday last week, the weather was good, loads of sun and the crop top was my favoured item of choice. I have had both of these crop tops for a few years and they are from New Look (striped top) and Primark (blue top). I wore my crop tops with denim bottoms and Converse, I honestly would go mad if I couldn't wear what I wanted to work everyday and I know I am very lucky that I can!!

I have been attempting to try out different hairstyles from my pinterest hair board each day - check it out here  http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/hair/  I generally use the images as a guide and interpret the hairstyle to suit my hair, I am not looking for perfection, I just like different looks. I took the victory roll close ups as I walked through the city on my way to work, not an easy thing to do but I managed it! The second hair style was a backcombed quiff at the front and tied up at the back, real easy to do but looks effective. I encourage you all to get styling your hair and to try out different looks, practise makes perfect!

I shall be back tomorrow with more of what I have been wearing and other fashion dilemmas. A big thank you to Mind The Mustard for getting in touch and liking my blog post! I will deffo be purchasing some Mind The Mustard gear in the near future. Watch this space!!

Thank you for reading!

ND xx

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