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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

No Debutante - Pump It Up

It is so sunny outside and I have just got the baby to bed and done a few house chores and I am actually longing to get outside in the sunshine, so here's a quick personal style post from me where you can find out what I wore on the family excursion to see Elvis Costello (first outfit) on Sunday evening and what I wore yesterday on the first day back on the school run. I'm still wearing denim, there are infinite combinations although it appears I cannot stop wearing those dungarees, they're back again!! Expect more big hair, ankle socks and wedge boots!

 I'm off to get me some sun before the baby wakes up. BTW I'm still no closer in getting shoes and accessories for this wedding, Baby girls like trips to the Mall don't they?

Thanks for reading y'all.

ND xx

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