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Monday, 10 June 2013

No Debutante - Married With Children

Hey hey! I'm back after a few days off blogging whilst I attended the wedding of Phil's sister Dawn, we had lots of fun and are now feeling tired and not really wanting to go back to our day jobs! My son Mika enjoyed it so much he said he missed living in the hotel!! What he actually misses are all the kids he got to play with at the wedding, He thought everybody lived in the hotel, very sweet!! 

So, for all of you readers who have been waiting to see what on earth I wore to the wedding, the time has now come (if you are an Instagram follower you may have seen the sneak preview yesterday) I hope you like the outfit and that you are not disappointed, since I did big it up a fair bit! I decided not to go with the ankle socks on this occasion and had to wear tights since the dress is pretty short, I'm glad I did! Phil's suit (and whole outfit) from  Topman, Lucian and Mika wore Fred Perry polo shirts and H&M retro cut jeans, Vans and Dr Martens, Sylvie Belle is wearing Floral mix print dress from Mama and Papas and retro red shoes from the Jools Oliver range Little Bird at Mothercare and for those who didn't know (cos I haven't really mentioned it...ahem..) my dress is from Zara and the shoes are from Topshop.

I have tried to get a shot of all the family whether they are posed, of kids playing or Lucian's amazing robot dancing (for two hours!!!) It is near on impossible to get a photograph of us all together, I shall try and make it, my mission (impossible). It was a good day. 
Thanks Dawn and Dave and congratulations!!!

 The happy couple Dawn and Dave Cooper!!

Thanks for reading and hello to my new followers!
Did you like my wedding outfit?? All comments are appreciated!

ND xx

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