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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

No Debutante - I really don't have time but I do it anyway...

I had a tiring day at work today so this will be a brief post. I will let you know I have ordered a new dress for the next wedding on my list, I have four to attend this year!! I am looking forward to receiving the new dress and hope it is a good as it looks! We have had a fashion faux pas with a khaki bomber jacket that Phil bought me for my birthday, it is sooooo padded that I look more like night club security than street cool and as I am already fairly broad in the shoulders and tall I do not want to look any bigger! We have sent the jacket back twice and they are all too big, this is the problem with Internet shopping, you cannot try before you buy and you spend a small fortune returning the item when it isn't what you want!! If anyone knows where I can get an original style bomber jacket without the sleeping bag padding then do let me know!!

Today I am showing you my outfits from yesterday and today - Yey! I have finally caught up with my personal style pics!  Yesterday I wore (first outfit) My lace/denim panel Primark shirt with denim cut offs and Dr Martens and girled it up with  big hair, half clipped up into random victory rolls and twists. I was asked on the school run how I had time to do my hair in the morning?? The answer is I really don't have time but I do it anyway and I really am quite quick at those victory rolls these days, if you are really serious about styling your hair in these sorts of styles everyday you need to not wash your hair too often so that the backcombing and the texture in your hair holds the style in easier. You must be prepared to backcomb your hair alot and use serums to keep your hair in good condition, I guarantee that you will then perfect the victory rolls and beehives you have been attempting!!

For the second outfit (today's) I have tied up a shirt Daisy Duke style and worn it with my pleated maxi, denim waistcoat and Converse. I have given myself a Betty Bangs style fringe and left the back down. I am willing my hair to get longer so I can twist and curl the back rockabilly style, it's still a bit short but I am getting there! I have noticed my look is missing a few tattoos, I really must get it together and get inked up!!

 What will I wear tomorrow? Will my new dress for the wedding arrive? Does the bomber jacket I want actually exist?? Is it possible for me to write a quick brief post? Find out the answers and much more, next time, with me, No Debutante.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

ND xx

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