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Thursday, 6 June 2013

No Debutante - Be Bop A Lula

Since I have been posting daily personal style pictures onto my various social networking sites I have become aware that there definitely will be copies of the same outfit, since I cannot sustain buying new clothes every single week, as much as I would like to! I have, so far, found it pretty easy to change each outfit enough to make it appear as if it is a new look even when the main pieces are the same, all you need to do is wear your hair differently and generally use different accessories and ideas to keep each look fresh. As with most people, I have a main capsule wardrobe that I co-ordinate and accessorise to create as many new looks as is possible and I add new pieces to the wardrobe to keep things current as well as finding old pieces and introducing them back into my wardrobe. I hope I have managed to keep things diverse and fresh, what do you think??

Today, I have worn my breton tee and Vivien of Holloway jeans (regular items on my personal style posts) and have tried out another new way to wear a headscarf, this time I have worn my hair down, put a victory roll in the fringe and worn a headscarf over my hair, the scarf is basically worn on the back of my head, I have added a bit of backcombing to keep the scarf in place and I am rather pleased to say that the scarf has stayed put all day!! I have worn my red converse today mixed with the blue frilly socks on this occasion for another variation on this look. This look was a popular one on Instagram today which was great!!

Last night we dressed the boys and Sylvie in their wedding outfits, they looked so cute, I am seeing a very big family fashion post coming up and I cannot wait to show you how we dressed for a wedding!! 

 It's Thursday night, it's wine o'clock......The weekend is nearly here! Yey!!
Thanks for reading.

ND xx

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