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Thursday, 8 August 2013

No Debutante - If we took a Holiday

Finally we have got to the Ibiza outfits. I will be showing over the next week various outfits and holiday moments from our family trip to one of my favourite holiday destinations Ibiza. Ibiza Rocks! We stayed on the quiter side of the island in a small resort called Portinatx, I already knew the area since I had stayed there for two weeks as a teenager and loved it. I still love it and it was great to be back. We swam with fish in the clearest sea, the boys jumped off pedalo boots with jellyfish swimming nearby, the sun did not stop shining, lovely beaches, waterparks and swimming pools what more do you need?? I think you have realised by now that it was not your traditional 'ave it' trip to Ibiza, there was no clubbing involved for this young family!! I miss it so much already - the holiday not the clubbing!! 
 Since we had a bit of a heatwave going on in the UK, I was already up for wearing high summer outfits and showing off my skin didn't seem to be a problem for me. This may sound a bit wierd to anyone who comes from a hotter climate but it is a wierd thing for a Brit to go to the airport in their warm clothes and have to ditch everything they know clothes-wise in favour of showing off a lot of skin, which we do not get the chance to do that often. I have to take Vitamin D tablets for god sakes, thats how much I need the sun!! 
Without holding back I was straight into my crop tops and cut off shorts mode, I don't think a day went by when I wasn't wearing one or the other. So the Rad crop top was the first to appear with denim cut offs on our first day, followed by my Topshop vest crop top, new silky floral Zara sports shorts and Topshop denim shirt (to hide a little bit of skin) for the evening. Crop top tick. Shorts tick! I loved leaving my hair to dry naturally during the day, it leaves it with a natural looking wave, created by the clips and pins that were left in, I am loving having long hair now! 

 Just a short fashion fix today.....well, it is wine Thursday! 
Look at the beach!!

Thanks for reading.

ND xx

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