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Friday, 23 August 2013

No Debutante - I Love Summer Dresses

I have been up to all sorts lately including attending late night leaving parties, meeting new contacts for exciting blog features and collaborations, planning and designing my new bespoke kitchen and booking more holidays!! I'm always really busy and that's the way I seem to like things, doing one hundred projects at once whilst looking after my kids, working and blogging. 

I was in a bit of a girlie mood in today's personal style pics. I wanted to wear the Miss Selfridge dress again that I wore to my friends Rob and Ruth's rock'n'roll wedding, it is such a pretty and summery dress that it needs to be worn in the sunshine! I dressed it down with a denim jacket and converse and wore my hair down in both outfits, I hadn't realised how blond my hair is now ever since it was bleached by the sun in Ibiza. Ha! I had to mention it again didn't I?? I love the detail on front panel of this dress and the way the back of the dress is the full floral print and different from the front, extra details always please me!

I seemed to like the whole denim jacket, Converse and skater dress theme and did it again with my favourite Topshop Hawaiian print peephole dress.  It's a very summery look and I really do not want to let Autumn in, although I have started to pine for wearing jackets again. I am grateful for this hot weather as most of the year in the UK it is cold and rainy so I will have plenty of time for those jackets and Dr Marten boots!! The end for sandals and flip flops is nigh! Yikes!

So, what's next? Well, there are plenty of personal style posts to share and I have some new beauty products to try out and show you, a label collaboration is also on the cards (tbc) and I still need to show you my favourite looks from the next season and how I shall be wearing them. Let's say bomber jackets are my new favourite obsession!!

Hello to my new followers and thanks to you all for reading.

ND xx

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