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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

No Debutante - Fashion Mash up!

To round things up nicely and before you get to see all my lovely outfits from my Ibiza holiday, I have compiled some photographs of things that I wore and did in the run up to the holiday, which for me is about to come to end as I return to work tomorrow!! 

The first two outfits were worn a few days before my holiday and I was rapidly running out of summer clothes to wear in the continuing UK heatwave as most of my favourite items were packed away to be worn in Ibiza. Being a person with more clothes than is probably necessary, I soldiered on and managed to create a couple of looks to show you. My colleagues at work have been calling me a 1940s land girl and then a parent from the school called me a Punk Land Girl, I, of course, take both of these comments as compliments and continue to rock it up land grrrrllll style!

I got really excited today when I noticed that Vivien of Holloway who design the vintage jeans that I am wearing in the first outfit are now following me on Instagram! I am a very happy camper that they like my style. Alot of Vivien of Holloway lovers are pure 1950s, rockabilly or 1940s (Paloma Faith is always rocking her look in Vivien of Holloway outfits) so it is an honour that they have noticed and liked my hybrid version of 1940s and 50s styling. I wore Vivien of Holloway to my wedding and have been hooked ever since, please check them out here www.vivienofholloway.com you won't be disappointed!!

The second set of images were from a lunchtime browse around the shops in Bristol, which ended up costing me money......whoops! I fell in love with the late 1980s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air stylee collection by Kuccia at Topshop, there is so much print and colour and bodycon, I just couldn't resist trying it on!! I loved the printed catsuit and even more with the silky geometric print bomber jacket worn over it. It's print clash fantastic!! I didn't leave Topshop empty handed and I am now the proud owner of the bomber jacket. The saga of me finding the perfect Khaki airforce bomber jacket is still continuing, I'll tell you about it when I finally have the right one in my hands!! At least I have my Fresh Prince bomber jacket now!! Yes,I did take photos of myself in the changing rooms and someone even tried to tell on me to the Shopgirl, who really couldn't give a damn, some people (the other costumer on this occasion) are assholes!! I still love the catsuit.......

So the last photograph has become something of a running joke with me and my husband Phil. It started with the Rad t-shirt and has now become an obsession to send each other photographs of fake skate fashion images and clothing ripping off or referencing skaters. I found this beaut in H&M announcing 'I love Skateboys' and had to text it to Phil instantly. I did not buy it, you may be surprised to hear. 

Thanks for following.

ND xx 

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