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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

No Debutante - Summertime Blues

I feel sad to announce that this is the last post on my Ibiza holiday, these photographs were taken on the last two days and as you may have guessed, I really didn't want to go home just yet!! On the last nights stay I wore my beautiful Vivien of Holloway gingham bustier with my denim cut offs and more flip flops, I victory rolled up my hair and put on a head scarf to finish the look. I actually wore this exact outfit on my Ibiza trip last year, it really is a holiday favourite and I seriously need more of those bustier tops, I love them!! Sylvie is in the first set of photos with me wearing her H&M leopard print maxi dress and rockin it!
I wore the second outfit  - crop tops and maxi skirt - the evening we left, we had not wasted the last day and managed to squeeze in one last trip to the water park and pools, we took a last stroll on the beach after dinner then we left.........but then I had to run back down the hill to our hotel, not an easy thing to do in flip flops and a maxi skirt, as we had forgotten Sylvie's pushchair!! Doh!!  Not the Cath Kidston Maclaren!! How could we?? Everything else ran smoothly but it was an evening flight and I had three sleeping kids on me all the way home, someone had to help us off the plane with all our kids and bags! This is why you should take grandparents on holiday!!

So, I finally got a few photographs of Mika up and check out Lucian rocking the 1990s in a baseball vest and cycle shorts worn with his Santa Cruz cap and flip flops, I had to get a photo of him! 
Thanks for the memories Ibiza, I'll see you again soon!! 

ND xx

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