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Monday, 12 August 2013

No Debutante - Fun, fun, in the sun, sun sun!

I am back with more fun in the sun outfits and moments from my Ibiza hols which now seems like a distant memory. I have been attempting to fill the kids holidays with lots of activities when we are together since Phil and I are still at work during the school holidays and want the kids feel they are having some kind of holiday, not just spending it at holiday clubs or just lazing about watching TV. This is easier said then done and most things cost money!! We spent the morning in the garden playing with paints in the sunshine, which has since disappeared, so whilst the boys play inside and Sylvie sleeps, I shall get on with a bit of blogging, since housework just doesn't do it for me!!

Here a few more outfits including my unusually all black outfit consisting of a crop top and maxi skirt which was a great holiday evening outfit, really comfortable but stylish, I had washed my hair, since it had half the beach in it, and wore it down for a change. My second outfit is one of my favourites from the holiday, I am loving my Primark Coca-Cola crop tee, the shape and the colour really suit me, worn with my denim cut offs and some flip flops which I pretty much wore all the time, it was too hot for anything too fitted. My hair had been worn in a victory roll during the day then left to dry in the sun, so when I removed the pins I had this natural wave which looked great so I wore the wavy fringe down and pinned the back up, I was pretty happy with the result.
My gorgeous husband Phil makes an appearance today in a rockabilly, retro skater mash up. I love his faded neon Thrasher tee worn with his vintage Vision Street skate shorts (Phil is also a hoarder and they are his shorts from the 1990s) American Apparel tube socks (Tony Alva style) and retro style Nikes.
Little Sylvie who always works her outfits is wearing a H&M Kawaii style tee, gingham bloomers and her cute Next floral flip flops. Check out her model stare! Love it!!

Wow! I got the post finished before the baby woke up! 

I think I have one Ibiza post left before we are back to what I wore in my home town of Bristol, UK. I have so many other things to show you, as usual!!

Hello to my new google+ followers and feel free to comment, it's always good to know what you think.

ND xx

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