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Sunday, 25 August 2013

No Debutante - Identity

I have had a lazy Sunday again today,I went for a walk to the park and hung out with my family. Yesterday was a busier day which included family haircuts, a trip to Dean Lane Skate Park here in Bristol to watch bands and skaters, followed by a visit to meet my lovely friends Craig and Zoe's new and very tiny baby Gwen. She was the cutest and I want one!! I then came back to earth as I chatted with Zoe about how you lose your identity and style during pregnancy. Post pregnancy is just as hard as being pregnant, I found out the hard way that it is not possible to wear a dress (unless it unbuttons down the front, which none of my dresses do) when breast feeding. I ended up in a state of half undress in a toilet, that's all I'm goin to say! It was a killer having all of my lovely dresses that I could finally fit into again but couldn't wear for practical reasons, no-one prepares you for these disappointments!! I like to look good whilst showing off my new baby! Identity is a very big thing with me and I really found it hard to adapt to not being able to wear what I wanted, when I wanted. I need to go back to my old pregnancy and post pregnancy posts from last year and see how I coped! Check out my earliest personal style blog posts from 2011 until late 2012 and see how I dressed during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Back to the here and now, I am glad to say, I am back to my usual size 12 and can pretty much wear what I like. In today's personal style pics I have favoured denim and Converse. The first outfit was worn to work and to a product meeting with two lovely ladies who kindly gave me a goodie bag full of new products including more Dr Hauschka treats to try out and promote on my blog, which is all very exciting, the first of these posts should follow over the next week. I have always been one to dress comfortably and casually to any meetings or interviews, people then get to see the real you. I cannot imagine having to wear suits and office attire to work and find it unlikely that I would even choose a job where this would be necessary. Perhaps I have just been lucky in the jobs I have had that I have not had to wear office attire and I'd have to bloody love that job, if I ever did wear it! On this occasion I wore double denim in Topshop dungarees and my vintage denim jacket and was complimented. I was even complimented on my healthy looking skin, which has never happened, could it be the Ibiza tan or perhaps the use of Dr Hauschka products?? 

My second outfit was also a success, the vintage Americana printed sheer Primark top (Primark's brilliant Prada copy from last summer) is a favourite with me and many of my work friends who always say they love the top. Worn with my Vivien of Holloway 1950s jeans and Converse and hair worn in a twisted quiff with the mandatory head scarf which finished the vintage look off perfectly.

Thanks for following and I hope you liked today's outfits, feel free to leave comments, feedback is always welcome!

ND xx

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