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Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Dr Hauschka Facial Experience!

I was lucky enough to be invited along to a complimentary Dr Hauschka facial at their flagship counter at Harvey Nichols, Bristol. I am no stranger to spa treatments and jumped at the chance of a facial treatment as I love them, I am always interested in how I can perfect my skincare routine as I have been having a battle with my skin since my teens! I guess I am lucky enough not to have many wrinkles for my age (I’m in my late 30s!! How did this happen??) but a combination skin type and an E45 allergy (who is allergic to E45 for god sakes??) I am generally put off using any skin care cleansing products at all. Most recently I have been using Simple face wipes to remove my make-up and a NO.7 moisturiser, that’s it, so I am definitely up for any advice that the Dr Hauschka team could give me.
To be honest, I hadn’t actually heard of Dr Hauschka products previous to the complimentary treatment and I also felt a bit wary about whether they had treatment rooms, or whether would I be put on a pedestal and have the treatment in front of the whole of the Harvey Nics Beauty Dept?? I shouldn’t have worried I found the Dr Hauschka counter easily, right next to some tempting Vivien Westwood jewellery, and was greeted by the softly spoken and lovely Dr Hauschka counter manager and natural skincare expert, Alex who led me through to the Harvey Nichols treatment rooms (result!). The room was softly lit and calming - just what I needed - I was, as usual, in a rush and had already panicked that the treatment would run over and I would be late to pick up the kids, you can see why I really need these pampering treatments! Alex talked me through the products and asked about my skin care routine (or lack of it) and which treatment I would prefer with which products and provided me with a personalised treatment tailor made to my requirements! I got myself settled and ready for the treatment, which I was really looking forward to!

I pretty much start to fall asleep during any facial or massage treatments as soon as I hear trickling water. I had my face wrapped up in very warm, damp muslins and had one put on my neck and shoulders too for a hot neck compress, it already felt amazing and then the smell of lavender hit me! The lavender smell came from the Lavender Bath essential oil that relaxes and soothes your skin, eases tension and calms your mind after a busy day (which I was definitely having!) Alex had added this product to the hot trickling water, it is actually a bath oil but you can cleanse your face with it too. The Cleansing Milk was applied to my mascara smothered eyes using damp cotton wool pads and then the Cleansing Cream with more amazing scents including revitalising chamomile and almond to minimise the appearance of pores followed by the Clarifying Toner which reduces oiliness and blemishes in the skin. The next stage of the facial treatment was the Rejuvenating Face mask that was left on the skin for around ten minutes on this occassion but you can actually leave these masks on overnight for a deep cleanse. The face mask left my skin looking more even and toned with a healthy glow, I also had a lip balm applied and Alex even gave me a hand massage while we waited for the mask to work its magic! Whilst the face mask was gently removed using the warm damp muslins, I had to notice how carefully the skin was treated, I have had some treatments where the skin almost gets a deep tissue massage but I am sure treating your skin on your face gently is the way to go! I was then woken up by the most amazing lemon scent ever and more hot towels on the face, the product used was the Lemon Bath essential oil which is similar to the Lavender Bath oil but has the opposite effects waking you up and stimulating your skin, I loved it so much that I have bought this product and I now use it as part of my daily cleansing routine to wake me up in the morning, I am now considering the lavender Bath oil to send me to sleep at night. I simply pop a few drops of the rather reasonably priced Lemon Bath oil into some warm water and cleanse my face using a face cloth, it really does wake me up and makes my skin feel great, leaving a rosy glow to my usual jaundice yellow complexion! 

The treatment came to an end using a heavier facial moisturiser (my request, I personally like to feel I have moisturiser on my skin but you can choose a product to suit you) Alex gently applied Rose Day Cream which is a Dr Hauschka best seller and then my treatment came to an end, I was left to get ready and to leave at my own pace, so I slowly woke up, got my things together and went to have a chat with Alex about the treatment and the products, she was so helpful and I felt that I really did understand the products and how to use them without having technical jargon thrown at me or being pressured into buying any products. I did get a few freebie samples which I am slowly working my way through so perhaps another Dr Hauschka post will be on the cards very soon. 

 The products themselves are really reasonably priced, I was expecting high prices for a Harvey Nichols beauty counter but this really is not the case.
 I totally recommend any of my local followers to go along and meet the Dr Hauschka team and perhaps get yourself a facial treatment too, there are complimentary facials available. I shall definitely be returning and considering treatments and products as gifts for family and friends. For a real treat visit Alex at the flagship counter at Harvey Nichols Bristol for a 30 minute Dr Hauschka facial Experience for just £25 which is redeemable against any products bought on the day, which can’t be bad! 
Dr Hauschka is an internationally-renowned range, check out the website www.drhauschka.co.uk for your local Dr Hauschka beauty counter and for links to international counters! Go and get yours now!!!

Now, who can I get to buy me that Lavender Bath oil??

Thank you Alex and all at Dr Hauschka for the amazing treatment and introducing me to these great products and if you need me for any more complimentary treatments again, you know where to find me!!

ND xx

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