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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

One Girl One Boy!!!

In a contradiction to my girlie side, I generally managed to boy up a lot of my looks by wearing clothing inspired by men's fashion, I have always been a bit of a tomboy as I have mentioned before and I do love a bit of androgyny. In today's personal style pics I have gone the whole way and just worn one of my husband Phil' shirts. I'm not sure whether he likes me wearing his clothes or not but he can be very aloof about these things.....so I just wore it anyway. I did ask at least!
I thought the shirt looked great with my whole outfit which consisted of my bright yellow Gang Of Four tee, denim cut offs, ankle socks and creepers. I made the look a little bit more femme with a lovely pink victory roll and flower in my hair.
For more of a Riot Grrrl look I wore a Fred Perry polo with denim shorts , American Apparel socks, Dr Martens and a quiff. Both looks were popular on Instagram which was cool.
The last image shows of a fantastic flash of my blue hair, even I didn't know it looked like that until I took the photo. I really love my rainbow hair! See, I am pretty girlie really....

All clothing from Topman, Fred Perry, Primark, Dr Martens, Underground, American Apparel and hair by Vikki Mac.
Thanks so much for reading and
I hope to be back very soon with more fashion fabulousness!!
ND xx

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