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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rainbow Bright

Hey hey! Today we are looking at a day in the life of yours truly, I am dressed up with my victory rolled updo with flower accessory, a cute Peter Pan collar dress and the signature frilly ankle socks and Converse. I wore this cute modern vintage look to work and then after making sure my children were fed and watered and my husband Phil tag teamed me for the child care swap, I had an appointment to get my hair coloured by the lovely Vikki Mac (so yes, these photographs were taken a few days before the Dilly Debutante fashion shoot from yesterdays post). I have been growing my hair for nearly two and a half years, it has been a hard slog for two reasons the first being, I had to grow out an extreme undercut and secondly, my hair grows soooooo slowly, I am sure all the bleaching and backcombing that I put it through doesn't help but come on, give a girl a break!!!?? 

I had decided to add more blue to my colour on this occasion, but which blue? Vikki Mac brought out four or five options to choose from, which only added to my colour dilemma. I really would like a mermaid green but since I am still adding a lot of pink to my hair, I thought I would go for more bolder blues on this occassion. I think we went for Crazy Colour Peacock and Sky Blue in the end. I love the finished result and I still look like My Little Pony which is my main aim in life, perhaps I shall become brave enough to go for the Mermaid greeny blue the next time I get my hair coloured, which is only a couple of weeks away?? Watch this space x

All clothing from Primark, Topshop and Converse.
Hair styling by No Debutante
Hair colour by Vikki Mac at Me Time

Thanks for reading xx

ND xx

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