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Monday, 7 April 2014

Girls World

I have found a moment to write a quick blog post in these kid fuelled Easter holidays. This morning I helped the boys write a song about a car and practised french plaits (my new obsession) in Sylvie's lovely long hair, which is not an easy thing to do with a wriggling toddler! I think I need to get myself a Girls World.....Why did I have to give my Girls World an undercut when I was a kid?? Think of the fun I could be having now!! I am not sure how much longer Sylvie is going to tolerate being my doll, she has an opinion now and everything! 

Ok...Moving onto today's personal style outfits. They are not linked in anyway one is Modern Vintage and the other I am labelling Pastel Punk. Both outfits were worn to special occasions however so there's a tedious link for you! The first being my Mums (surprise) 60th lunch. I had arranged to take her to The Boca Bar here in Bristol, my mum loves the tapas menu at this place but rarely gets to go, so I arranged to meet her and our immediate family there on her birthday. I also secretly invited lots of other family members and friends along and she was generally speechless (a big thing for my Mum) Happy 60th Mum! 

The Modern Vintage outfit consists of my lovely new Vivien Of Holloway 1950s circle skirt in The Day of The Dead print. This is my first ever circle skirt so I was insure how I was going to wear it without things getting a bit too twinset and pearls twee. I opted for this macabre print as I wanted to add a bit of rock'n'roll to the look, I have worn it with a black crop top, yellow cardigan and leopard print Converse. I am looking forward to the warmer weather when I can wear the skirt with no tights and frilly ankle socks, surely this day is coming soon?? It is April after all!

The Pastel Punk outfit was worn to my club night Bang. I like to dress OTT at Bang, I am the DJ and the host and everybody needs to notice me.........(ahem).....I do remember having a great night and dancing like I was performing at Vegas....You get the idea. 
For this Pastel Punk look I have matched my outfit and make-up with my pink and blue hair and have managed to wear as many prints as possible in my graffiti print Vision tee, Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop stripey tights and those ridiculous rainbow creepers that I love to death! I had sleeked my hair down and put in a ton of hair grips for a modern take on 1920s waves...more hairgrips than waves on this occasion. 

What's your favourite look? Macabre Modern Vintage or Pastel Punk??

Thanks for reading y'all. I shall hopefully be back tomorrow for more No Debutante fashion fun!

ND xx

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