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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rock 'n' Roller

I found a little bit of time this evening, whilst the kids sleep and Phil is out editing his band The Relay Rips new album (I will share it as soon as I can! ) I thought I'd do a quick bit of blogging. (Quick? Ha! I'll be here for ages....) Here's another personal style outfit or two with no link between them accept I wore them in the same week! 

The first outfit is a bit of modern vintage rockabilly stylee, I have worn my 1950s circle dress over my Vivien of Holloway jeans with frilly socks, creepers and a headscarf and victory roll in my hair. This look confuses people who have no idea why I would put a pair of jeans under a circle skirt, which only encourages me to do it more!

The photo of the second outfit is a bit blurry I'm afraid so I have kept it a bit smaller. I am wearing my Topshop bomber (my new favourite jacket) my Vision tee and the headscarf again, this time with cute Bjork buns, a blast from my 1990s past! Phew! I told you it was gonna be a quick one.

Thanks so much for reading.
ND xx

Here's a little treat for you today, it's a little music video of my husbands band The Relay Rips. Phil's playing the trumpet. It was filmed a couple of years ago in a Milkshake shop and it's a great bit of British indie skiffle punk fun! Enjoy!

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