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Monday, 21 April 2014

Chanel SS 2014 - Picasso Punks

The Chanel Spring Summer 2014 collection is a coin of two halves for me, on the one side the classic Chanel twin set and pearl signature tweed suits and ladylike chic, the other is a colourful, young, high summer punk rock style which is, of course, what caught my eye, making it one of ( or in this case half of) my favourite Spring Summer 2014 collections. 

What do I love about Chanel SS 2014? Well, of course, the bright colour swatch, brush stroke inspired prints caught my eye instantly, followed by the matching Peter Pan collared crop top and skirt suit, I love a crop top and  co-ord separates at the moment so along with the bright prints this outfit ticked all of the No Debutante boxes! I love the 1970s style bandeau mini dress worn with the cute crop cardigan and the billowing printed kaftan both great inspirational looks for a holiday in the sun worn with those over sized 1970s sunglasses and rock' n' roll choppy bob hair.

I like the idea of wearing long socks (below the knee) as an accessory to the look which for me would get a street style make over worn with wedges or converse low tops rather than chic pumps. As I said it is a collection of two halves and I am more inclined to go with the brighter, high summer pieces although I really love the monochrome tee and longer midi skirt and the sixties inspired tea dress with the embroidered lace panel. There is a hint of Country and Western style with the lace panelled midi skirts and pretty lace vest tops which are worn next to the more disco inspired asymmetric tops, there's a lot going on here and I am only showing you my favourite pieces! This isn’t a bad thing however as you know a bit of excessive more is more is something I’m rather partial to and Karl Lagerfeld isn’t a man told hold back. Go Chanel!

Sorry it has been a while since my last post but during the holidays my time is spent with my family and I don't get much spare time to blog! 
I hope you have enjoyed today's post and check out the full collection here and let me know you're favourite pieces. 

All images courtesy of Vogue.com. Thank you for being a bloggers friend!
Thanks to you guys for visiting and expect another personal style post very soon.

ND xx 

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