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Monday, 31 March 2014

Pink and Blue Crush

At the beginning of the year I decided it was time to add a bit more colour to my hair. It was not difficult picking my next colour as I had been pondering over blue hair for a few months but wasn't sure how it would suit my complexion. In my continuing quest to have My Little Pony hair I thought it would be best to keep the pink in too. I got my lovely hair stylist Vikki Mac to pop in some blue colour underneath a top coat of pink to add a subtle blue to my rainbow mane and I was really happy with it! It even matched my beloved Vision tee which I loved and not content with that I had to get a pink Smeg fridge to put in my pink and blue kitchen (yes, yes, I promise to blog about the beautiful Retro Kitchen Caravan Diner very soon!!) which also matched my hair! What more could a girl want??

Pink and Blue I love you!
Tee from Vision Streetwear at Topshop,Fur and ankle socks from Topshop, Creepers from Underground at Office Shoes. denim shorts from Primark.

Thanks so much for reading and following, I shall be back tomorrow with some more fashion fun!

ND xx

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