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Monday, 28 April 2014

Dilly Debutante - Foxtrot Hair Fashion shoot

Finally, I have got round to posting about the Dilly Debutante photo shoot collaboration for Foxtrot Hair. Obviously, I am the Debutante in this collaboration but who is Dilly Foxtrot? Selena aka Dilly Foxtrot is a brilliantly creative and fabulous fashionista friend of mine and is also the lady behind Dilly Foxtrot Investigates (a beautiful childrenswear blog) and now the creative brains behind Foxtrot Hair a freelance hair service that offers Vintage and Contemporary Updos and hair styling  for special occasions, proms or even just for popping out to the shops, there is always time for glamour daaaarling!

I was really excited when Selena asked me to collaborate with her in a photo shoot for her Facebook page and to help with the promotion of Foxtrot Hair. How could I refuse a day of getting my hair done, dressing up and parading about (in the wind and rain might I add, it's blood cold up North!) with two of my best mates (the other being Selena's sister Dianne who took the Modern Vintage shoot photographs) I loved it! 

The results of my first (and coldest) shoot 'Modern Vintage' were brilliant. I was dressed up in a nautical Vivien of Holloway halter neck dress, Meadham Kirchhoff frilly ankle socks and red wedge sandals with my hair twisted up in a french pleat and a brilliant victory roll on top, finished off with a dramatic net fascinator over my face. The location was set behind an industrial estate, next to a canal with amazing derelict and half demolished red brick towers and industrial chimneys, it pretty much looked like a British World War Two bombsite and my Modern Vintage outfit fitted in perfectly. 
We joked about my character being a (albeit rather glamorous) war widow and in the last photograph I had climbed up onto the rubble to try and get a creative, blitz style photograph but then got stuck (I was wearing a very tight pencil dress and wedges for goodness sake) and Dianne got a shot of me trying to get down. It actually looks more like I was inspecting the ruins of my home and crying about the loss of my husband 'Oh gawd, my Charlie'.....My hair still looked fabulous despite the wind and rain and I wish I lived around the corner from Selena (like I used to, over ten years ago) so she could style up my hair whenever I was off out, well, every day....If anything I would become annoying....

In the second shoot 'Festival Chic' Selena styled my hair up into lots of random plaits, we discussed how we liked the randomness of it and how we both loved hair that doesn't look too done and perfect, it's too sterile and bland, texture and creativity is much better than perfection in a hair style! 
Selena is really great at plaiting and braiding hair too, she is so quick at it, I, sadly, am not.....Don't get me wrong, I have perfected the victory roll but plaits and braids are too fiddly for my fingers, I trained to be a hairdresser for a time and I was no good at cutting either, I am much better at bigger updos and colouring! It would be great if I was still in Leicester with Selena then we could collaborate all the time! Check out the fantastic plaits and braids on my newly coloured (by the lovely Vikki Mac - my usual hair stylist) pink and blue mane the colours and textures look amazing with the Foxtrot Hair plaits and braids!! The photographs for this shoot, were taken by photographer Helen McCann-O'Leary and are fantastic and in perfect  
contrast with the Modern Vintage and Undone Glamour shoots.

The other models who joined me on the day were the very young and beautiful Celine and Lois who had not done anything like this before. These girls had the longest legs ever and were happily walking about in short skirts, massive heels and no tights in the wintery weather! Perfect models with beautiful hairstyles! They were great in the Foxtrot Hair 'Undone Glamour' shoot and ruled the Boho, Festival Chic look. I caught a quick Instagram pic of them both on a runaway bicycle, which is hilarious but a brilliant natural shot with loads of energy. So funny! Well done ladies!

 In conclusion, Selena at Foxtrot Hair is a very creative lady so whether you are looking for a bang on trend look or a vintage inspired updo this freelance hair stylist can create it for you. 
Foxtrot Hair is based in Leicester, UK. Please contact Selena on her Facebook page here for more info.

I am lastly excited to announce that Selena chose one of my Modern Vintage shots for her business card and Facebook page, which I am very humbled by, it's a great honour and I am so happy the collaboration went so well! Here's to more Dilly Debutante collaborations. Now check out these amazing images!!!

All Hair & Styling - Foxtrot Hair

Photograpy - Dianne McDermott-Crampton for Modern Vintage & Undone Glamour &  Helen McCann-O'Leary for Festival Chic

Model & Styling - Emma Gorton-Ellicott for Modern Vintage & Festival Chic

Models - Celine Watts & Lois McDermott-Harris for Festival Chic & Undone Glamour  

Instagram images (last four images) from No Debutante and Loulouparis95

Photo collages by Foxtrot Hair

No Debutante's hair colour by Vikki Mac at Me Time

Thank you so much for reading and big whoop to my Pinterest boards as I now have over 1000 followers! I'm right happy!!

ND xx

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