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Monday, 14 October 2013

No Debutante - She's Like a Rainbow

It's been raining over the past few days here in the UK and it's getting cold, grey and miserable so let's cheer ourselves up by wearing rainbow creeper shoes and colouring our hair pink.....well.....er....that's what I'm gonna do....I hope I can bring some sunshine back into your day with my next personal style post! 

I wore the first outfit out to a Sunday night gig to watch my friend Nic's band The Afterparty, who frankly rocked it! I was one of the oldest people in the room and felt a little out of place, not because of my age, i really couldn't give a damn about that, but even I thought I may have over dressed for a Sunday night gig. Looking back at the photographs today the outfit seems to be pretty standard for a No Debutante outfit so I'm not sure why I was secretly feeling a bit insecure, perhaps it was the Canadian support band who I heard say something about the UK fashion being crazy and way ahead of Canada, I'm sure this isn't true, although I don't know any Canadians personally. Can any Canadian followers validate this for me?? I have come to the conclusion that my short lived insecurities actually came from the fact that I was wearing my ridiculous rainbow creeper shoes that make me tower over most people, I think the only people who were intimidated on this night were the tiny sixteen year old Scene and Emo girls, bless them, I must have been terrifying! Check out my Topshop airforce bomber jacket, it has taken me half a year to find the perfect bomber and there it was in Toppers all along!

The second outfit has a more preppy 1950s high school look, I am wearing my peoples favourite (everyone loves this top) Primark vintage Americana Prada copy top with the classic Vivien of Holloway 1950s jeans worn with leopard print cardigan (also Primark) frilly socks and Converse. I was very comfortable in this outfit, 1950s preppy is always a winner. I wore my pink hair up in a topknot for a couple of days, it's simple yet looks cool. I apologise for the cropped off feet on the second outfit, I must have been in a hurry when I took the photographs, at least I took a still of the footwear so you can actually see what was on my feet!!

Thank you for following and reading my blog, it means alot to me!!

I will attempt to get more posts up this week but there is still lots of renovation work going on in my house which is proving hard to work around! Perhaps another personal style post to follow, watch this space! 

ND xx

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