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Monday, 21 October 2013

No Debutante - The Clash

Three weeks on am I am still living in an upside down house where half of my kitchen is still in the living room/ lounge making things impossible to keep tidy and even more impossible to find!! So is the chaos that surrounds me!! This would be one of the reasons why I have been behind with my blog posting and even more behind in catching up with all the bloggers I follow! I have also taken a back seat with the daily fashion photos due to the fact that there are builders in my house and I don't really want them to see me taking my personal style photographs! I'm sure my personal style confuses them enough on a  daily bases without my flauting it in their faces with constant selfies!

Today's personal style pics show that I am not afraid to clash and mix up prints and colours, if you are a regular reader of my blog then you will already know this. I wore both of these outfits to work and I love it that I can now wear my jackets again since the weather has got cooler. I have had the H&M leopard print fur since Lucian was a baby (he is now 9 years old) and it is a classic part of my wardrobe that just keeps on giving! On this occasion I have paired it with a rockin' skull tee, denim cut offs and my favourite Dr Martens (I have other pairs but these are just so worn in and comfy that I can't stop wearing them!). 
I had caught sight of myself in a shop window on my stomp to work and realised how outrageous I looked with my pink hair, pink sunglasses and my pink headphones clashing up a treat with my leopard print coat. I had to laugh to myself and took a quick photo on my phone so I could show you guys the extreme of my possibly, out of control, accessorising! Love it!
The following day I was inspired by the 1990s and Bjork and popped my hair up into a style that was a bit of a regular for me during the 1990s when I was a teenager. This time I like those Bjork Buns even more in my pink hair! I went for a bit more print clashing with camouflage and Breton stripes worn with denim cut offs again, ankle socks and creepers. The look was both a mix of cute and tomboy style. Business as usual!

Thanks for following and reading and I shall be back soon with some more fashion fun, perhaps looking at another of my current obsessions or my favourites from the autumn winter 2013/14 shows. Hmm? You'll have to wait and see, until then, have a good time, all the time xx

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