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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Peskimo Wedding Fun!

My lovely friends and local kawaii lovin' illustrators Jodie and David - aka Peskimo -  just got hitched (well, a month ago) and they kindly invited Me and my clan to join them to celebrate at their wedding Party. The bride and groom looked fabulous as did the wedding decor (I would expect no less from these creative art rockers) It was a great British do with handmade hanging decorations & bunting, homemade cakes, Peskimo vintage inspired transfer tattoos and lots of enthusiastic dancing. My eldest son Lucian loves dancing and rocked out with a very enthusiastic and highly intoxicated Uncle Mike which was half the coolest thing ever and half hilarious (Uncle Mike being the latter). We all had a great time and ended the night with a good ol' British knees up. I think the photos speak for themselves.....Thanks to my good friend Paul Channing - for letting me use the last seven photographs in the post, I think you successfully captured the moment!

Before we get to the photographs from the wedding party itself I, of course, have to show you what I wore and I also managed to get my brothers (Uncle Mike's) girlfriend Naomi to pose for a couple of shots too. These photographs were taken on my Samsung Galaxy phone in the toilets at Beeses Bar (oh the glamour!) unfortunately they are not the best quality so I have shown you the best ones! I thought Naomi looked rockabilly cool, she is half way through her pregnancy and is working it! Naomi is also sporting the cute home made Peskimo tattoos which I think she should consider getting made into real tattoos! OMG, my tattoo day is getting closer!!!!!

My personal style photographs were taken at home in my garden using  a much better camera! 
I had managed to try out a more complicated victory rolled up hair style on my freshly coloured pink hair and I am pretty happy with the results! I wore the dark floral skater dress from Zara, originally bought for Phil's sister Dawn's wedding back in June. Dark florals are a big thing for AW 2013 too, which is a spot of luck! As you can see, the weather had cooled down a bit so dark floral dresses, black tights and shoes with a cute cardigan topped off with victory rolls and a flower in your hair, was the way to go for us ladies. (We did not plan this, honest!).

I bloody love a wedding!! Why do they always come in fours?? Thanks to everyone who got hitched this year and invited us to join them and a Massive Congratulations!! You all rock!

Thanks for reading and following. More personal  style pics to follow.

ND xx

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