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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

No Debutante - Happy Shopper

I am very excited today as I have just realised I now have 100 Google+ followers! Whoop! I am really, really happy that you are all interested in all my fashion moments, current obsessions, personal style, my somewhat alternative lifestyle and what I have say, I am right chuffed!! Thank you xx

Today we are having a look at some more personal style outfits that I wore back in Sept, It's nearly November (What???) so let's get cracking!
The first outfit was worn on a day about town in Bristol with my family (Phil and the kids) as I recall we visited a few skate shops where Phil purchased some jeans from the Levis Skateboarding Collection, I have to agree they look pretty cool on him, I really must do a fashion post on his skate attire, he will hate the idea, which just encourages me to persuade him to do it! We ended up buying Sylvie a Hello Kitty skatedeck (Girl X Mike Carroll) Phil's excuse was that it will be a piece of art for her wall and she can skate on it when she's older! It looks the cutest, some of you may have seen it on my last Instagram post. For the skate shop tour I wore my Kuccia bomber jacket with a crop top, denim cut offs and leopard print Converse, I couldn't decide on which bomber jacket (both from Topshop) to wear but opted for the Kuccia for a bit more colour, I love both though! Why didn't I buy anything on this shopping trip? Well, I was saving up all my energy for my Primark Sunday shop that I went on the following day and I was very excited about this kids free shop too!!
I have added a couple of images of Mika and Sylvie from the skate shop tour day, the Instagram (second Mika image) of Mika has attracted a lot of interest on Instagram, it's had nearly 100 likes and this rises on a daily bases. Mika's personal style pic has more likes than I have ever had on Instagram and I can't even take the credit because he styled himself on that day! I am really proud of the stylish little boy though. I taught him all he knows!
On Primark Sunday (second outfit) I wore quite a simple outfit, I usually always wear a skirt and tights on a shopping trip so I can try on dresses and skirts easier and to see what they look like with tights (in the UK you spend most of your time covering up your legs due to the colder climate). So I wore my skater skirt, Sonic youth tee, a denim jacket and my leopard Converse again. I like it that the whole outfit is not new, the jacket is one of my hoarded vintage ones, I just like to mix and match (or miss-match in most cases) my whole wardrobe mixing old and new items, sometimes the whole outfit ends up being old stuff which keeps me believing that keeping (certain items) for years is a good thing! I can wear my vintage, my Primark and my designer stuff all at once and that makes me happy!!

So, what did I buy on Primark Sunday?? You'll have to wait and see.....

Watch this space to see what Autumn Winter goodies I bagged from Primark back in September. Two bags?? Exciting!! 

Thanks for following and see y'all soon xx

ND xx

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