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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

No Debutante - Pretty RIOT

My style is mostly a mix of girlie girl and tomboy androgyny, I have no reign on this and sometimes it is ultra girlie and other times I am one of the boys. I do not dress for my mood, I can be an angry riot grrrll all dressed up pretty or a tomboy talking about make up and kawaii style. I do however get constant inspiration from the people around me and whatever my current obsessions may be at that time.

Today my personal style outfits feature denim and elements of skinhead style both looks have the Pretty Riot Grrrlll style going on!
The first outfit features my H&M skater shirt dress worn with my denim waistcoat, tube socks and Dr Martens to give it a tough edge. There is something a little tough about wearing a dress with Dr Martens and no tights, I think it's the fact that you are exposing your legs but not in a provocative way, it's more of a 'yeah, I have bare legs, so what?' Nobody messes with you!  On a more femme note my hair was centre parted with asymmetric twists and plaits keeping things girlie and grunge.
The second outfit is a bit more tough and androgynous. I am wearing my denim and lace panelled sleeveless shirt, denim cut offs and my new favourite Topshop airforce bomber jacket. My hair looks is plaited and pinned up in a messy, just got out of bed look, the total opposite of the way I used to wear my hair up, where perfection was key! I like the 'I did it myself ' look to an up do these days and with the masses now perfecting the beehive it's a case of anything goes! Don't be scared to try out new styles, who's judging??

Which is your favourite look?
Thanks for reading and following xx
ND x

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